Hongyue Dai, PhD

Hongyue Dai joined Cygnal Therapeutics in 2019. He formerly served as chief scientific officer (CSO) and chief bioinformatics officer (CBIO) at M2Gen, where he helped build the ORIEN, a cancer center network, to connect cancer hospitals with pharma companies for cancer research and drug development. While at M2Gen, Hongyue filed more than 10 patents on cancer prognosis models covering various cancer types.

Hongyue also served as Executive Director of Informatics & Analysis in Discovery & Preclinical Sciences at Merck Research Labs. He managed genomics and genetics projects to support all therapeutic franchises for target identification, biomarker discovery, compound prioritization, and translating biomarkers in clinical trials.

Prior to Merck, Hongyue was Research Associate Professor in the Physics Department at the University of Utah, where he analyzed and defended the highest energy cosmic ray particle, also known as the Oh-My-God or OMG particle. He then took on the role of Senior Data Analyst at Rosetta, where he co-developed the first microarray data error model to characterize the data uncertainty. He made significant contributions to the first FDA-approved multi-gene test kit for breast cancer prognosis, the MammaPrint. He also collaborated with Celera to develop the 14-gene test kit for ER-positive breast cancer patients.

Hongyue received his undergraduate degree in nuclear physics from Peking University and his Ph.D. in astrophysics from the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Science.

Hongyue Dai, PhD headshot

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