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We are Translating the Language of the Peripheral Nervous System to Produce Therapeutic Breakthroughs and Improve Human Health

What is Exoneural Biology?

Exoneural biology is a novel area of science that happens outside – or exo – the traditional understanding of neurobiology focused on nerve-to-nerve interactions in the central nervous system. In conditions ranging from cancer to gut inflammation, our peripheral nerves function independently and in ways beyond canonical contexts and mechanisms. The same biological processes that convey touch and pain also play a central role in health and disease. The tissues they permeate make use of biochemical neural pathways and signals, and many non-neuronal cells communicate with and mimic nerves in disease settings.

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How do we harness it?

Cygnal Therapeutics is the first company to develop drugs in the field of exoneural biology. Our platform combines six core technological and scientific components to reveal new insights into disease. Fueled by these discoveries we identify advanced starting points for drug discovery, with initial programs focused on cancer and inflammatory diseases.

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Why do we care?

Nerves are powerful communicators and regulators of biology. Yet for decades, we've overlooked how profoundly peripheral nerves influence health. By discovering new forms of neural signaling, we've filled a knowledge gap in human physiology and disease. Tapping into this biology, we're creating new therapeutics across multiple diseases.

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