Grazia Piizzi, Phd

Grazia joined Cygnal Therapeutics in July 2019 as Senior Vice President, Small Molecules Drug Discovery. Grazia was born in South Italy and moved to Rome where she received her MS cum laude in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Grazia moved to the U.S. where she started her professional career at Novartis, spending 10 years between Cambridge and Basel, leading several projects across different modalities, indications and stages. Grazia contributed to the discovery of several clinical and preclinical drug candidates. In 2017, Grazia joined Merck as Head of Molecular Invention and helped establish the new Exploratory Science Center in Cambridge, MA. During her time at Merck, Grazia built a multidisciplinary team and platforms to explore novel biology in the area of infectious diseases, microbiome and immune-cancer-microbiome interactions.

Grazia completed her graduate training in the U.S. with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles and subsequent postdoctoral work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying chemical synthesis and biological properties of natural products.

Grazia Piizzi, Phd headshot

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